Tuesday, August 2, 2016

If I have a Water Leak, Who Do I Call First?

 Your home is your safe haven. It is where you go to retreat from all the regular stresses of life. Sometimes, stress happens even in your own home. The shower breaks. You find a water leak over the new carpet.

By having a plan for emergency, REStar Services can help take some of the stress away from an uncomfortable situation. Water leaks happen. However, many homeowners unknowingly make a bad situation worse by having no plan of attack in this emergency. 

1.      If you have a preferred professional (i.e., plumber, roofer, agent) who you have on speed-dial, we recommend contacting this individual first. The odds are that this person is familiar with your particular home. Therefore, they know what is normal and what is not in your unique situation. 

2.      If you do not have a handyman in mind, give us a call. We will be happy to refer you to one of our trusted business relationships who is less than 20-minutes away from your location. Many of our referred professionals have top-ratings on reputable review websites such as HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List. Reviews and ratings are unpaid forms of feedback from real customers. Unlike paid advertisements, reviews are based on firsthand experience. With reviews, you can see honest feedback from other people who have been in your water-soaked shoes. 

3.      When dealing with a water leak, the important thing to remember is that you are playing against the clock. Florida has high humidity and this can cause mold growth. This condition is especially true in the summer when heat scorches the temperature towards the 90s. Mold growth will lead to further damage, cost, and headaches.

Contact REStar Services at (844) RESTAR-1 when you have water damage so that the next steps can be taken toward repairing your water leak. We’ll put a stop to future home damage. A happy home is something you deserve to come back to every day.  

If you have Water Damage, call the Experts at REStar Services: (844) RESTAR-1. Visit us: http://www.REStarServices.com

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